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Jus Adventures Travel Services is a full service, nationally accredited New York based host agency that focuses on growing our agents businesses through mentorship, education and by offering some of the highest commission splits in the industry. 


​After only 2 years in business, we currently have 70 agents throughout the United States. We are now proud to offer our agents and digital marketers a chance to be part of our success. Become a Jus Adventures advocate, knowing that you will be proudly promoting one of the travel industry's fastest growing host agencies.


-Samantha Hammond, Owner

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Our program pays 10% commission for every subscription fee paid by your referrals during their membership with Jus Adventures. This means you will earn 10% commission every month or if your referral signed up for one of our annual plans, every year!


And of course, if your referrals upgrade their Jus Adventures subscription at any time, your commissions will be automatically updated accordingly.


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